Admit it. You lost the rules sheet like a n00b.



Everyone pick a game piece. You only need one dice to play, however, we gave you two because we all know someone (probably you) is going to eventually lose one.


Whoever got a haircut most recently goes first. What? You prefer the “poop” thing? GTFO, be an individual. First person also decides play direction (who goes next).


Pick an area where you're going to roll. If you roll out/off of it, DRINK and lose a turn. Roll sloppy twice and congrats, you're now Beer Bitch. If the struggle is real, just use the box. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily, unless you’re already drunk.


During your turn, roll one dice and move that many places. When passing or on the Beer Bitch square, remember that your dice roll will determine if you go left or straight. The first person to reach FINISH! wins! And before you ask, you do NOT need to roll the exact number of spaces needed to reach it.  We tested that idea and absolutely hated life. Fuck that shit.


Dammit, where were you?! DRINK! Find whoever is in last. Put your piece on their square and roll. Stay if you roll a 4,5 or 6 and do whatever is on their square. Otherwise, move backwards what you rolled and do whatever is on that square.