The Story


Once Upon A Beer

Glasses up! Beer Me! was first thrown together in an Excel spreadsheet on a very, VERY late weekend back in 2016. We've always loved the way drinking games get things going and bring friends and even strangers together. So, we promised ourselves get this madness launched in 2017 for others to enjoy.

All of us have lived healthy, fulfilling social lives full of amazing friends and all levels of party people. We appreciate when any moment is memorable, so we always look for new and innovative ways to make things more exciting. We poured all our social experiences, random people's stories and some wild ass ideas into this game in order to create what has easily become one of the most ridiculous ways to kick anything off!

There are tons of classic drinking and card games for parties, but it was time for something fresh to come around. A board game format is nostalgic and tells a story every time you play it, which we think makes for a richer experience. We want people to definitely remember playing this game, and we think we've absolutely created something unique that does just that. Cheers!